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Tropical Sunrise E-liquid 1% CBD Happease



Zkittlez is our favorite morning photograph. Close your eyes, open them, you are now on a hot tropical island.

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About This Product

CBD net

– Made from organic hemp- Can support the "follow-up effect- High myrcene terpene content (known for its relaxing effects)- High content of terpene limonene (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects)Zkittlez is a blend of the dominant indica grapefruit monkey and grapefruit, which is crossed with another undisclosed strain to form this confectionery-flavored hybrid, created by the 3rd Generation family and Terp Hogz. The terpene profile effects are known to be calming, so the mind is focused, alert and happy, and the body relaxed.This liquid contains 1% CBD which is 100mg per 10ml bottle. Thanks to Happease's commitment to ensuring that its products provide customers with the best and healthiest experience while respecting the environment, this product is safe to store and the perfect recommendation for customers who strive to be environmentally friendly.

Terpene Profile

There are more than 30.000 terpenes identified in nature, produced not only by plants but also by animals and bacteria, for example. Terpenes also support the accompanying effect: in combination with other substances and our own hormones, they stimulate specific neurons in the brain and create a different sensation for each type of terpene.What are terpenes used for?Terpenes are aromatic, so their addition to any product enhances and improves its aroma and flavor.

Heads up

This is a natural product. Not suitable for consumers under 18 years of age. Be aware not to use the product before or while driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery. The product does not contain THC, NICOTINE or other intoxicating substances. Tolerance: Particularly during the first dose, sensitive individuals may experience a distinct sense of release. Shake well before using. Color change may occur and does not affect the quality. Store tightly sealed, in the dark and at temperatures below 25°C. See packaging for best date before date.This product is suitable for aroma diffusers.

CBD is one of hundreds of cannabinoids that exist in the Cannabis sativa species. These natural compounds are unique in the way they interact with our bodies, and CBD is no exception to the rule. CBD’s role as a cannabinoid is diverse, but one of the main reasons it’s so accessible is due to its non-psychotropic characteristics and excellent safety profile.

It is legal, from a legal point of view, to buy CBD oil both in Europe and in the USA, as long as it complies with the established regulatory standards. In Europe, CBD oil must be derived exclusively from hemp, and it can only contain a maximum of 0.2% THC (some countries allow up to 0.3% THC). The CBD oil marketed by Exclusive Leaf complies with EU and Portuguese regulations.

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